De Bono


Stimulate individual and corporate creativity using Dr. de Bono's powerful tools that literally change the way you think
Workshop Objectives:

To help make better, faster decisions

Who can benefit from POP Training?
Anyone who has to solve problems and make decisions - especially frontline staff

  • Participants learn shorthand commands for complex situations
  • Go beyond current perceptions
  • See the consequences of plans and actions
  • Apply other people's views and values
  • Consider all factors and priorities
  • Design more effective action plans
The 10 POP tools:
  1. Consequences and Sequel
  2. Plus, Minus, Interesting
  3. Recognize, Analyze, Divide
  4. Consider All Factors
  5. Aims, Goals, Objectives
  6. Alternatives, then you have choices
  7. Other People's Views
  8. Key Values Involved
  9. First Important Priorities
  10. Design / Decision, Outcome, Channels, Action

Bullet Dr Edward De Bono