We customize all our Change Interventions to address your specific needs and to facilitate transformation. Our focus is to help you find and implement innovative & fundamental change solutions that address your key business issues. Our approach combines research, assessment, skill development, facilitation & coaching. Our commitment is to deliver outstanding service and value. And we guarantee results that are visible & impact the "bottom line".

  • Organizational Diagnostic Studies (Business Process Reengineering)
    We specialize in diagnosing & reviewing the Organization Culture, Structure, Policies, Systems & Procedures, Business Plans & Objectives, Customer Expectations & the Business Environment. This helps us to determine your new Corporate Vision, Mission & Values through defining physical & people requirements, culture change, customer service initiatives, business development, technology change and other such strategies.

  • HR & Manual
    Evolving Comprehensive HR, Policies & Procedures that highlight latest international & regional HR practices as relevant to the organization.

  • Recruitment & Selection Handbook
    Develop Handbooks that would serve as a guide to all Line Managers on objective interviewing techniques & selection methods to ensure selection of the "Right Person for the Right Job".

  • Staff Handbook
    Develop Staff Handbook based on the Personnel Manual; briefly highlighting personnel policies & procedures that would determine the terms & conditions of employment. This Handbook helps to serve as a "Ready Reckoner" not only for Line Managers but also Staff & provides clear guidelines on personnel matter.

  • Rationalized Compensation & Benefits Structure
    Establishing a Fair & Competitive Compensation & Benefits Structure for similar skilled persons, based on Industry & Market trends. This is determined through a Compensation Survey; identifying benchmark jobs & comparing them with other similar jobs in similar businesses in terms of their job role, profile, grade & compensation.

  • Job Analysis & Job Evaluation
    Evolving clear, written Job Descriptions & Job Specifications for all job positions. Evaluating relative worth of jobs using modified Hay approach & establishing proper classification of job positions in various grades.

  • Manpower Planning
    Forecasting manpower requirements, reviewing current manpower resources & their utilization and Planning accordingly, the process of recruitment, selection, training, development, to ensure that you have the right number & quality of staff placed in the right jobs for which they are most suited.

  • Performance Management System
    We develop Scientific & Objective Performance Management Systems which entail evolving objective performance standards to measure current performance against clearly defined job targets as also assessing the potential of employees at various levels to enable important decisions on employee development, rewards, promotions & career development. Depending on your needs & current appraisal methods, we advocate simple to more complex appraisal techniques such as Management by Objectives, 3600 Feedback & the newest technique of the Balanced Scorecard. Using Balanced Scorecard helps you move away from just pure financials to other perspectives critical for business development.

  • Organizational Climate & Attitude Survey
    As part of diagnosing Organization Culture, we administer Organizational Climate & Attitude Surveys to assess employees' perceptions & views of work place issues as also morale / motivation levels. This helps to evolve & plan change initiatives for the future, based on the collective opinion of the employees.

  • Psychometric Assessment
    We administer Psychometric Tests for objective assessment of personality traits & competencies to help in drawing career plans, succession plans, staff training & development, selection & placement. Some of the more common tests we use include DAYB, 16PF & MBTI.

  • Competency Profiling
    We specialize in profiling core competencies for different job roles & link these competencies to business needs. Further, a realistic inventory of competencies is done to identify competency gaps both on the organizational & individual front.

  • Omanisation & Career Plan
    We provide practical HR solutions to ensure selection & retention of right Omanis through developing a well planned Training Strategy, Individual Career Plans & assessment of Performance / Potential.

  • Training Needs Analysis
    Assessing individual training needs of employees based on personal profile, job requirements, performance appraisal & business objectives. Developing & implementing a dynamic training & development strategy to up skill employees at all levels. Through the TNA exercise, we assist in formulating your Corporate Training Vision & Plan.

  • Marketing
    As part of assessing customer satisfaction levels & service standards, we conduct Customer Service Training, Set Service Standards, do Mystery Shopping, Carry out Customer Surveys, Marketing Research & Analysis, thereby enabling you to deliver exceptional standards of service & satisfaction to your customers.

We also use our associate resources to develop Financial Accounting Systems & Manuals, Marketing Strategies and other assignments in related areas.


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